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You should have a "Copy" calendar function, different from "Create"

Hi all, I have created a flow to try and copy from one O365 calendar to another O365 calendar (two different O365 accounts). The only option to do this is "Create" (and i used the V2 option). Is there a simpler way to "Copy" instead of "Create"? One issue i find with "Create" is that:

  1. Creat sends a brand new invite, with me as the organized (from secondary O365 account).
  2. When i include attendees/participants, it sends an invite to myself (as well as other participantes) and the flow goes into a loop creating multiple entries into both calendars.
  3. The entries it creates have a status of "free" rather than the original status.

When it copies, i would like to see the original organizer, participants. That is all.

Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.



Status: New