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Zendesk: Create a request. Show email field.

The current "Zendesk create item" using table name "Requersts" only exposes these fields. 





I would like to add requester name and email, which is avalibe in the api.



The zendesk api accepts this request (tested with postman):

"request": {
"requester": { "name": "MyName", "email": "" },
"subject": "test",
"comment": { "body": "test description" } }

 However calling it with the http-http connection fails. Maybe this due to that the zendesk connector is premium?

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Requested almost 2 years ago and still running into the same issue. This is documented as a supported API and would allow us to create tickets on others behalf. Please add this!

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@StefanG I was able to make this work myself without the Microsoft "Premium" Zendesk plugin, hope this helps.


Add an action > HTTP

Method: POST

URI: https://$

Headers: Content-Type | application/json


"request": {
"requester": {
"name": "$DisplayName",
"email": "$EmailAddress"
"subject": "$TicketSubject",
"comment": {
"body": "$TicketBody"


Just fill in all the $variables for your instance above. For "Create Request" API calls you don't even need to authenticate with an API token. Just send them like this and things should work. Hope this helps, and hopefully Microsoft will update their Zendesk plugin soon to support these standard API's.

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Hello @jguilbertgw 

I'm trying to create a zendesk ticket using Automate


Action: HTTP

Method: POST



- Key: Content-Type

- Value: application/json


I'm getting 'could not authenticate you' error


I created a zendesk api token and would like to use that instead of a username/password


Would you be able to help?

Thank you,