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a reminder email with approve and reject button should be created in Power Automate

Hello Product Group,

Currently, we are using the action " Start and wait for an approval " in Power Automate and has some concern about this.
As normally, the flow with send an approval email to us to approve or reject the action. However, we would like to send reminder approval alerts until action taken. We added a new action as the second approval email however, it does not link to the previous action.



We found a workaround as using Send an email (V2), however, this is only the reminder and we could not approve or reject item.



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New Member

This is important - as power Automate is supposed to replace the old Workflows in Sharepoint where this functionality was native. 

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Idea first raised in Nov 2016, in Mar 2017, again in May 2019, and again in Jan 2020.

Please also vote there.