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access to assignee parameter in planner Tasks

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How do you extract the Bucket Name, "International Inte.." ?

In case there are multiple buckets, is there a way to extract bucket name of each task?




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I am not JoshL but if you look at my flow this is extracting also bucketname of the task.
You can anyhow only trigger

Task creation
Task completion

Task assignement

So you have the Task id and this will give you the bucket. 

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I was able to get Bucket Name if triger is task creation/completion/assignment but what I would like to do this time is to create a list of tasks with Bucket Name associated with each task.

No way to do it now?




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This is how I get the bucket of each task. First, I pull in every task from planner and then every bucket. I loop over each task, then for each of those tasks I loop over every bucket to find the one that matches the bucket fom the task. The name of the bucket is then stored to be output in the task's row in the excel.



If you're getting the bucket of only one task the process is the same, you'd just loop over each bucket until you find a match between your task's bucket and one from the list. 

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I understand how you got bucket name in your flow and I was able to add it into my flow.