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activate/ deactivate actions in flows

Could be useful for not to delete an action included into a flow branch.


Also for isolate possible failing actions for having the following actions in that branch to get running.

Status: Started

We are now working on this feature.

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I really would appreciate the possibility to disable (multiple) parts of a flow in order to debug

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Totally agree, this is a critical feature.  Most workflow systems allow users to enable/disable individual actions. 

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I support this idea 100%.  Who wants to delete something and then later decide you needed it and have to re-create it.


when I have a complex flow, it happens that I would like to disable one of several activities just for testing my flow.

I don't want to remove the activities, and to put them back later & to fill-in their properties again and again.



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yes to perform like Nintex workflow you can disable an emelment of the Workflow and enable it later. With Flow you have to delete it and re-create it from scatch later.. kind of a pain. please add this feature.

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As a long time Nintex developer I can confirm that this feature is very important, especially for debugging purposes.

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There are many times where Flows are created and the functionality needs to be tested. Many times we want to add a step to test certain things, but since they are in sequence, the previous step can't be skipped. This normally forces the user to either create a new Flow or delete steps they might end up needing after the Flow is configured for Production.


The ability to skip steps within a Flow are really important due to some of the reasons mentioned above. I know many users would love it if this feature is incorporated in Flow.



Fausto Capellan, Jr

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Many times during development we might require to disable/enable various actions within the flow.

Currentl MS Flow does not support to do so, thus users are now required to delete the action and add it back again.


Please add option in all actions to Disable/Enable them , similar to experience that is currently availale to build workflows using Nintex.


Ability to Disable/Enable would be a very good option and would definetly provide great level of flexibility during development.


Cheers !!


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This would be really useful for testing/debugging scenarios!