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activate/ deactivate actions in flows

Could be useful for not to delete an action included into a flow branch.


Also for isolate possible failing actions for having the following actions in that branch to get running.

Status: Under Review
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Any idea when this will be ready?

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Trying to use Flow + SharePoint and not enjoying it for enterprise type stuff.  Please say this is coming soon.

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Also, a way to separates the blocks of activities something like the flowchart on UiPath. If you need some help to develop features here's my Twitter also my GitHub account, always happy to collaborate.

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I have a  workaround,  create a conditional STEP, drag the step you want to disable into the false part of the condition so you don't lose the step, and that step doesn't get run when the flow runs.

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Its a bit odd that something so many have desired for so long is not available as DISABLE or ENABLE.     I support the need for this functionality vs a workaround to "save" the flows value.

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ALL, it looks like December of 2019 this will be ready according to the Product Roadmap !!


Also, please upvote this one -


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As a workaround, you can change the "configure run after" property of the consequent action to run even for failure cases

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Need this functionality! Need to be able to disable alert Emails while testing other aspects of flows. 

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@jlocatell  as @sandeepnmenon said this is the best approachinfo.png

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Too many workarounds with Microsoft.