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activate/ deactivate actions in flows

Could be useful for not to delete an action included into a flow branch.


Also for isolate possible failing actions for having the following actions in that branch to get running.

Status: Under Review
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I soo need this feature. I dont want to delete actions and again add them to test something else in the same flow. 

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How can I vote this up 1 million times?

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Everyone upvoting this idea should kudo the original and more voted:


Microsoft, please combine the two threads

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 I just came here to post this same idea.


This would be so useful for me to simply disable a bunch of flow actions to test just a part of it.


Pretty please, Microsoft.

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Until we get this, I just had a great idea.


I create a Scope on a parallel branch for the actions I dont want to run and set that scope to "Run after" a previous item fails or times out. That ensure it doesnt get run.  Now I can just run the actions I want to test on another branch.

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Agree - lot of time wasted trying to modify a flow.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

This is a good idea. Thank you!

Power Automate
Status changed to: Started

We are now working on this feature.

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Awesome... A completion of this feature would be fantastic. Glad that the status has been updated to Started.


Looking forward to speedy completion of this.


Thank you!!!

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Really need this feature