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all actions of Buzzy connector

I want to use all actions on Bizzy connector,

like "Get Choice Response", "Start Private Conversation".

for do more our Bots with Microsoft Flow and Bizzy connector


Get Choice Response


Start Private Conversation


and Multiple keywords on "When an Intent is Used" - Keywords, separating with comma.



Status: New
New Member

Hi @yoshihirok,


This is Mick from the Bizzy team.  The functionality you are noting is currently being provisioned by the Flow team and should be available very shortly for use.  Thank you so much for reaching out and please let us know what you think of the new features and any additional features you would like to see!




Mick Herres

Memorable Member

Hi @BizzyMick


Thank you, great product Bizzy, and thank you quick reply.

I'm waiting provisioning these functionlity.


and, I will post new features ideas of Bizzy, with my scenarios.



Yoshihiro Kawabata