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allow people to use custom connectors with the on premise data gateway without admin privillege

Allow people to use custom connectors with the on premise data gateway without admin privilege.


The idea is that there should be extra on premises data gateway roles e.g. "Custom Connector Use + Share" or allow the normal Use / Use + Share roles to be able to use custom connectors.


Current situation: you need to have the admin role on the gateway to be able to make a connection for the custom connector that is using the gateway. This is not desired as they can also configure the gateway with that role (e.g. add/remove data sources, users, groups, clusters, other config settings). Lets say you made a custom connector to an sms service and you want everybody in the company to be able to use that connector using their own connection to the sms service, that would mean all users in the company must be gateway admin to be able to choose the gateway on the connections page, which is unacceptable.


To be: "Custom Connector Use + Share": should be able to create a custom connectors using the on premise data gateway, test the connection and also be able to setup a new connection for the connector when used in Power Apps, Power Automate, PVA, ... .

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This should be extended to creating Data Flows as well.

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I agree with the comment by SDC. Dataflows also require Admin rights.


This policy puts large organization into a awkward position. It is either let everyone to create its own gateway (and have thousands and thousands gateway deployed) OR create centralized gateway structure and pray no-one deletes it.