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approval and email with options - capture who is actually clicking the buttons in the email


Add the functionality to

capture who actually has clicked on the button in the email of an "approval flow" or an "email with option flow"
(add field "EmailAddress of ActingUser" to dynamic content)



In "email with options", it is possible to capture via dynamic content "SELECTED OPTION" only

In appproval flows, it is possible to capture to whom the approval note was send.

In both cases it is impossible to determine, who actually clicked


UseCase / opportunity beyond current functionality:

In my organisation, people frequently delegate approvals and forward requests for actions. 

Today, we can't easily track who the actual actor is that clicks on the buttons.


The above will enable to capture these delegations easily.


thanks for speedy implementation and broad community suppport.

Status: Planned

We do plan on logging the full history of delegation for Approvals. We do not plan on doing this for the other action (send email with options). However, we plan on adding custom options to the Approval connector actions (see here), which should accomplish this same scenario.

New Member

any further updates here?

Regular Visitor

Maybe we need to make a wish for 2021!


Please Microsoft, add this feature to your list for the next Year 🙂

Advocate IV

And while you are doing this PLEASE can we have the ability to send with options from a Shared Mailbox?


I really can't understand why this connector doesn't allow it.