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approval - get approver comments if approver type is everyone from assigned list

I would like to include the comments from each approver in a notification email for approval type "everyone from assigned list". However, there seems to be no dynamic content to get the approver's comment for this type of approval. Approver comments should also be present in the response summary.

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Just to add. I want the approval comments from each approver to be present in the response summary so that the requestor can see any comments made by the approves especially if the request was rejected.

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this one seems like a no brainer...

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This is available.


There are many dynamic content that can be selected from Approvals, so only a limited range is shown by default, but if you click 'See more' next to the approval name in Dynamic content, you will find Comments

dynamic approval.png

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@Anonymous - I know that Comments is one of the available dynamic content, but I think you need to add a 'Create HTML Table' action so that each approver comment shows - see flow blog post:

(also see screenshot)



The newer Response Summary dynamic content would be a perfect place to also include approver Comments, but strangely, it does not:





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Sorry I misread that part! I agree, I initially thought that Response summary would include the comments as well, given it's a pretty important part of the response.