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auto generate a unique ID

hello, im a sharepoint developer in an IT company, and recently we developed a project, where it is necessary to have a column that automatically generates a unique ID for a new item, everytime its created, we tried the calculated field, however there is an issue in sharepoint where it does not work unless you go inside the column and refresh it, and it's not something that our customers would like to do, and it isnt much practical and professional, so we researched into it more, turned out we need to design a workflow in sharepoint designer that does it.


we did design it, and it worked fine.


so my idea is to add this method in microsoft flow, where you get to choose a column ( that you previously created of course) and auto generate an idea for this column, while the ID can be accompanied by a string, example : 

test_ID ,  ID_test ,  test ID , ID test  ,    test_ID_test,  etc etc

the ID can be placed anywhere within a string or before or after.



please consider this idea, as i believe this method is really important and almost used in all of the business projects that can be done on sharepoint.




Status: New