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auto respond / out of office after working hours

Hello Flow Team,


my boss mailed my a request, that he want an automatic auto respond on several Exchange Online Mailboxes in our company after our normal working hours. In an onpremise Environment this would be done with a tool like this: but in Office 365/Exchange Online, my first Idea was to do this with flow. But I don't see any time base rules, sorry I'm a newbie with flow.


Kind Regards

Philipp from Germany

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Unfortunately, this feature is still not there. It would be nice to have it.

Level: Powered On

I was able to get this to work using this condition:


@greater(substring(triggerBody()?['DateTimeReceived'],11,8), '18:00:00')


I was wondering is the time zone being used is GMT because I have colleagues working in different time zones but using GMT working hours. Thanks in advance