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enabling rich text/html format in yammer post using MS Flow

I have created one flow using available template "post to yammer on list item creation in sharepoint". My requirement to send  <creator> has been published a new item <item name> in message body, here <creator> is the profile link to sharepoint profile of user and <item name> is link to that list item.  i am trying to put link in <a></a> tag but it is coming as a plain text and what ever we put in href yammer iteself created hyperlink for it so it will become like <creator><a href = "link to profile"></a> has been published <news item><a href ="link to list item"></a>  in the yammer post. 


Is their any way we enable HTML formtting in message body?


Any help is highly appreciated.


Regards //Nisha

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Hi Nisha,


Did you manage to enable HTML formtting in message body from SharePoint to Yammer?

I experience the same issue.


Kind regards,


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I support request to better enable posting 1-n hyperlinks into Yammer post with flow.

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I'm have a similar issue.  I need a way to post a message to yammer using HTML tags.  Right now the tags just display as text in the Yammer post.  

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Advocate IV

This should be extended to Teams as well

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Would love to see this implemented.  I've created a flow to post news articles from SharePoint to Yammer, but the HTML markup is included in the Yammer post.  Until this is fixed, the ability to use Flow to post to  Yammer is far too limited for enterprise use.

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totally agree. HR posts New Hire/Promotion announcements in SPO list and asked me to have it replicated to the Yammer group. What a dissapointment - SPO posts include rich text which gets all jumbled in Yammer

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Yammer doesn't accept rich text and HTML tags so this suggestion is not very realistic. I voted for it anyway but I added the idea of having a hyperlink and an image in a yammer post. Please vote for it.

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Yammer now supports Rich Text Formatting (RTF) so Flow should be able to post to it using RTF.

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Yes! Please add this feature so we can make nice looking posts using flow