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enhance the support for Multi-choice fields Choice, person and Lookup sharepoint fields to manipulate them easier on Power Automate

Currently there's no direct way to pass multi-choice SharePoint fields from one action to another 
like passing the value from a Get Item to an Update Item , 
or attaching/Removing one option from the Current values. 

the current process to perform this is to pass all the values to an array, manipulate the array and then pass that array to the sharepoint update/create actions. 

this approach requires a lot of extra actions, loops and variable creation to manipulate the multi-choice values. 
and this is extra painful for multi-choice required fields in which you need to pass them back even if you didn't need to update them.

enhance this functionality for this like full compatibility to pass the resulting array to a multi-choice variable field 
and pass the multi-choice field directly this to an array variable to be able to manipulate it without having to loop it with all the supported fields for the item update/item creation 

Status: New