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flow connectors for other 365 apps

It would be great if we could connect bookings to calendars and invoicing through Flow. I'm surprised it's not already integrated.


The idea is to create events in your calendar, check a box to create a booking, which then pulls the customer info from your contacts and creates the booking. Allow them to pay through booking or send an invoice.


Or Allow a task in outlook to be assigned to a contact (customer), which is then turned into an invoice once the task is completed. Even better if we could do this through outlook customer manager.


Allow a booking to be turned into an invoice. Our customer visits typically involve hardware we install. After a booking is over with, turn it into an invoice where we can then add line items for the invoice and send to the customer.


Any of these could be accomplishe with flow, maybe some are. I personally would love to be able to have a ticketing system tied to the MS invoicing and tasks, tickets, or bookings connected to invoicing with automatic invoices sent at the EOM.

Status: New