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flow trigger when sharepoint page is published

we need an alert after a page has been published

Status: New
Advocate IV

Currently you can only trigger a Flow when an item is created. For Site PAges this is a broken approach; then the page is created it does nopt ahve a user assigned filename, so teh flow triggers, requesting an approval for a document that isn't complete and with a URL which changes as soon as the document is published. The Approver cannot open the page to review as it no longers exists with the Link to Item details. Badly broken!


Also, once a page exists there is no real mechanism for requesting approvals for republished versions - it can be triggered based on a change 9of which there can be many) but these are ireelevant to the approver until the Publish step is activated.

Not applicable

I agree. This is achievable via the 2010 approvals workflow with major/minor versions enabled. However, what this workflow lacks is the ability to specify an approver at the document level. I had hoped this would be available with Flow - please add it as a SharePoint Online connector.


An example of why this is needed is document control. Usually, the person/people who edit a controlled document are not the same as the one who approves it. The approver does not need to approve every change to the minor/draft versions. However, once the new version is ready for publishing, they do need to approve it. Since many controlled documents with different approvers may exist in a single Document Library, this feature is needed to ensure each document goes to the right person.