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have the possibility to have a shortcut directly to a flow on my desktop

It would be great to have a shortcut on my desktop which point directly to a flow within Power Automate (especially for PAD). this way you don't have to open the application itself, but you can run the flow instantly. The same way you would open a document with a double click.




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Hi @chotkos,


Thank you for diving into this, I already have taken a look at commandline options. those are not available either, hopefully they will be soon!



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Monitoring the existing of a text file and kicking off flows based on the status is also what I did. I agree it's an ugly solution. Shortcuts to flows seems like a no-brainer feature for this kind of utility. 

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I would really like this feature to be there. 


I use Power Automate Desktop to kickstart my workday by opening all the things I need to do my job, like opening certain websites and files, downloading some files etc.


It is practically obvious that I want to start my flow with the click of a button on my desktop, without first having to open the app.


Creating a desktop shortcut to start a flow created in an app that has "desktop" in the name surely doesn't sound like it conflicts with any "cloud thoughts" in my honest opinion. Also implementing this sounds quite straightforward and a nice low hanging fruit to have on a developers backlog.

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@Mitchie exactly what my intention is!

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This is a bit bizarre given that there is a mobile app that allows you to have a "button" on your phone.
I would have thought a shortcut/icon on your desktop to run a (Desktop-only) Flow/Automation would be useful?  It would only have to be a parameter on the command line.