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how to include submitted screen only link in flow

Is there way to inlcude "submitted form" link by an employee in Microsoft flow. I know we can inlcude links in the flow email trigger. What I am trying to achieve is that when a employee submits a request through form, there should be a link added to a flow which has to be a display form so that manager can review it in a nice powerapps form mode and then provide comments. 


The only way right now I am doing it is to add the "link to the item" and then manager can click that and provide comments. But the view looks like a list item rather than actual form look


so any way to include a "Display screen" link or a screen called "review screen" and then allow manager to update/provide comments directly on the form? I believe instead dragging users back to SharePoint list, it is a good ide to drag them to PowerApps form and make it ideal solution for all the steps

Status: New