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improve sharepoint list "get items" filtering with enabling "filter array"

this proposes to enhance sharepoint list filtering capabilities ON TOP of ODATA query capabilities with the help of and exanding the "FILTER ARRAY" action.


Today sharepoint list "get items" action results can be limited with ODATA query. 

Yet not all ODATA filter functionalities are implemented. Example "Contains", "substring", "startswith".

Also handling complex filter criteria is cumbersome and moves programming away from "drag and drop" into serious coding.


PROPOSAL is to enable FILTER ARRAY action to list / handle the columns of the sharepoint list.

End result should be that each column of the filtered sharepoint list is available as dynamic content. 

filter array 6-20-2018 9-48-24 AM.png


 today I only get this:

filter array 6-20-2018 9-51-06 AM.png




Status: New
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@ErichHthis is a brilliant suggestion!  On top of this, it would be good to have multiple conditions - so the ability to have "and"/"or" to add more filtering rules, just like you can do when defining SharePoint views.

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we should be able to "stack" "filter array" actions, so one "FILTER ARRAY" after the other, once implemented .


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This would be great. It is disappointing that whilst I can use dynamic content from the SharePoint list before filtering, however once filtered (using Filter Array action), this functionality appears to be lost (from that action's output). The Filter Array action should retain the same Dynamic Content offerings as are offered by the parent array (obviously with the array's items filtered per the applied conditions).