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list element older than ... days/weeks/months then send email to element creator

We are badly looking for a Flow template:

If a list element is older than a certain period (days, weeks or months) then send an email with hyperlink of the element to the creator, admin or...

We warmly welcome any support/solution - thx danh

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Hi @danh,

If you are trying to accomplish this now, you might want to post this in the Building Flows forum with a few more details about your list elements (Is it SharePoint?). At first glance it sounds like you might be able to create this Flow with existing triggers and actions.



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Thank you for your advice, I post it in the Building Flows (I hope to close this post).
My knowledge is too poor to set things up with the existing triggers and actions.

Looking at

I also think that it should be possible.  Thx danh