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make Location (GPS) variables avaiable in other then button actions

I love the button where i can track my location to Excel.

But it would be great if i could use the location variables in other/time triggered actions.

Then i could do the same as thebutton, but time triggered and not a manual action.

Status: Under Review

You're asknig for an action to retreive the user's location offline. We can consider this in the future.

Level: Power Up

100% agree. Allowing the app to be location aware would be mighty useful.

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I'd like to set a location at my office (or client locations) and trigger an action when I arrive or leave a set location.  I can do this with IFTTT, and I would love to be able to do it with Flow.


For example: When I arrive at work, record timestamp and location in a spreadsheet (or on my calendar).

Level: Powered On

I agree. There should be a location-based trigger that will allow users to add a calendar item, trigger an email, update an excel worksheet etc.

Level: Power Up

Agree. We could use this for our field personell.

Level: Powered On
Besides all the professional possibilities, I would love to use flow to be my personal gps tracker whenever i want that: running, taking pictures sdding coordinates to the pictures in lightroom, ...

Make the output of the button available so that it can be used with other triggers especially the scheduler