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more Chat Connectors

I want more Chat products connectors for Microsoft Flow.

for improve some works, do more.


Chat products are communication and notification tools.

and a lot of users use some chat products.


Currently, Some Chat products connected by Microsoft Flow.

- Microsoft Teams

- Slack

- HipChat

- LiveChat

- Salesforce Chatter


I hope to connect more Chat products by Microsoft Flow, like mail / database / crm products.


- CISCO Jabber

- Google Hangout

- PrimeChat

- ChatWork

- Smart Message

- Stride

- InCircle,

- Talknote,

- co-meeting,

- TopicRoom,

- ChatLuck,

- MyMattermost,

- TalkTree,

- DirectCloud-Talk,

- Linkit,

- Spika for Business,

- LivyTalk,

- Skype for Business,

- Stride,

- Aipo,

- Cisco Jabber,

- CAMPANY Messenger,

- Cyboze live


I hope to introduce Microsoft Flow with friends/customers/partners

with 'YES, Microsoft Flow can connector a lot of chat product'



Yoshihiro Kawabata 


Status: New
Level: Power Up

Why is there no Stride even though there is HipChat