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more Chat Connectors

I want more Chat products connectors for Microsoft Flow.

for improve some works, do more.


Chat products are communication and notification tools.

and a lot of users use some chat products.


Currently, Some Chat products connected by Microsoft Flow.

- Microsoft Teams

- Slack

- HipChat

- LiveChat

- Salesforce Chatter


I hope to connect more Chat products by Microsoft Flow, like mail / database / crm products.


- CISCO Jabber

- Google Hangout

- PrimeChat

- ChatWork

- Smart Message

- Stride

- InCircle,

- Talknote,

- co-meeting,

- TopicRoom,

- ChatLuck,

- MyMattermost,

- TalkTree,

- DirectCloud-Talk,

- Linkit,

- Spika for Business,

- LivyTalk,

- Skype for Business,

- Stride,

- Aipo,

- Cisco Jabber,

- CAMPANY Messenger,

- Cyboze live


I hope to introduce Microsoft Flow with friends/customers/partners

with 'YES, Microsoft Flow can connector a lot of chat product'



Yoshihiro Kawabata 


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We need a ChatWork Connector.

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Hi @O365_JP_Support, thank you for adding connector.


Yes, I hope to adding Connectors of Chat products in Japan, ChatWork, LINE, etc.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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The LiveChat trigger for "on ticket creation" does not seem to execute proprely. I have attempted a very simplistic flow with just the trigger and an email and it doesn't work. Could someone take a look at it please?

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Microsoft's own tools need to be interoperable. If I chat with John Doe in Skype, I should have the option to continue that chat in Teams, and visa versa. If I am assigned a task in Planner, I should see it in my ToDos..

There are too many separated tools to do the same thing. Integrate them for us, please, with the option to use them integrated or separate.

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@DRobinsonGGC- They are working on it. Check out the Graph API.

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Why is there no Stride even though there is HipChat