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moving email from inbox to other folder

It would be great if I can define the flow to move other folder after processing some tasks. I can find "delete email" as an action of emails.


Some of my flows start with a trigger of arrived emails. If my tasks are success, I want to move the email to other folder in order to clarify the tasks are successed.




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I agree, was surprised when I started creating flows that this wasn't an available action. Timo
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It would be very useful to be able to move a mail message from the inbox to a subfolder after handling.




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I don't know if this is already possible, but I couldn't figure it out.

I wanted to check if an email folder with a specific name already exists. If it does not exist, then I'd like to create it.


In the outlook 365 service, I can move an email to a folder, but if the folder doesn't exist, the flow fails. That's why I'd like to create it if it doesn't exist.

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If I may add an opinion...after the reading...after it changes its status from Unread to Read...would be nice too.

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I have this option working great on a flow! Then I went in to add to another flow and the Message ID is no longer available for me to choose?? Can this be added back, I need this feature!

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I want to be able to dynamically create a folder and then move the eamil into the folder.

At the moment I can only move emails into a folder that has already been (manually) created.