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obtain user response status for outlook invite / events

provide the capability to create a list of user response status for a given calendar event.




 No Response

 Proposes New Time



> calendar

> event id



> calendar

> event id

> user email

> invitation type {required or optional}

> response status

> response action time stamp, if exists


this links back to a general question from WiggityZwiggity which is still unanswered / unresolved.


requires use of equivalents to


It also links nicely with the approval reminders recently listed as flow of the week ...

Status: New
Advocate II

Even I was looking for this feature. There is a graph endpoint to get the attendee response of a particular event. Call the graph endpoint to get the responses, this has been highlighted on the blogpost

Frequent Visitor

This is similar to Approval flow template. make similar outcome as approval for calendar event. I am also waiting for this eagerly.


For Enterprise Users the graph option of @ashiqf is defintely the way to go!

But for Citizen Developers / Low-Code Business Flowers --> please incorporate in the Outlook Connector to get the response details of an Event 💪