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organize flows into folders

Looking for a way to organize my flows into different folders. i make flows for different departments in our company and it would make it much easier to work with folders of flows rather than one long list

Status: Under Review

Our recommendation is to use Solutions to organize your flows. We are also looking at if there are additional organizational capabilities that we can add to help you organize your flows.

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@Stephen thanks for updating the ticket.


Solutions don't really work for a number of reasons, but the main one is that not all flows can go into a solution.


I'd be interested to see/hear how you manage your flows if you have lots of them.

I think there are a number of simple ideas in the comments of this idea (and the related ones). 


I'm not massively keen on developing my own "solution" to the problem but have been tempted a few times





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And while you are working on this, PLEASE can you add the capability to re-order the flows in the working list either A-Z or Z-A.  Just to be able to do that would help, even better if we can order the flows within an actual folder.  Even more useful if a simple filter on flow name similar to the SharePoint filter capability can be provided.

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As others have stated, solutions are not the answer here.  I've got dozens of function/lookup flows that are used across many other unrelated flows.  


Not to mention that **bleep** near every time I move a flow into a solution it breaks and requires a rebuild.


Can we start small and just have the ability to sort the list alphabetically... I mean, that'll take someone 15 minutes to do, I really don't understand why such basic organization features are still not here.



tags > folders

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ABSOLUTELY!  Definitely need folders yesterday.  I cannot believe there isn't even a way to sort the list of flows by name.  It only sorts by last edited.  Makes no sense.  I mean come folders and no sorting. 


How about a view that shows status (Failed/Succeeded) so we don't have to click on each flow just to see if it failed?


Don't even get me started on the navigation.  You click the "Go back to previous page" button after viewing a run and want to go back and look at another run time, expecting it to go back to the flow details page (where you came from) and it sends you back to the unsorted flows list.  Now I gotta find it again, click, find the run I want to view....Just looking for basic features that should have always been there.  

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Most of my flows are tied into particular SPO sites.  Solutions doesn't support SharePoint, so it's not an option for me.  I just want the ability to group my flows in a way that reflects the SPO sites that use them, and lets me order them by name so I can FIND things easily when maintenance or error investigation is required.


At the moment, my only option is to prefix the Site id into the Flow name so I know which flows relate to which sites, but that still doesn't help when the **** PowerAutomate UX automatically sorts things by when they were last modified.  I really just want the option to sort them in alpha-numeric order by name, please.

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Integration between Power Automate and SharePoint is one area sorely in need of improvement. As the successor to SharePoint Designer Workflow, Power Automate is clearly a more powerful and capable platform. However, the inability to identify flows related to SharePoint lists/libraries within the context of the list/library is a real problem for succession and continuity when flow authors leave the organization. Yes, they can add the list/library as an owner, but we need a way to directly access (at least) automated and instant flows with triggers linked to the list/library. 

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Using Solutions is a work around that just doesn't work for almost all situations.  This request has been out there for almost 3 years and has large amount of support.  I don't understand why a very simple folder structure couldn't be implemented very easily on the Microsoft side.  very frustrating.

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STOP ASKING FOR FOLDERS!!! Using "tags" is a much more powerful organizational technique since you can use multiple tags to describe multiple processes, or concepts.  If a flow, like a file, can only belong to single folder, (especially child flows) but are used for many things, which folder are you then supposed to save your flow into?   Managed tags are simply more powerful...


Also, no one from Microsoft even read this useless forum... 1380 people request for something should be a massive read flag.  There is no real and valuable roadmaps being shared,  it feels like a single summer intern is working on Power Automate.


How about the ability to temporarily disable actions or version history so we can roll back when making mistakes, About allowing moving variables inside a scope to keep flows readable, etc... I could go on with a ton of basic features that Nintex or K2 has in 2007, 13 years ago.


Power Automate is not ready for prime time...

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@rickvacantlandMicrosoft is a huge company with so many revenue streams and so many ways they make money and make their stock price go up (which is what really matters once you have a public stock). They have their fingers in so many things and have the OS and office applications and other markets by the throat, they don't really need to worry about things like this, despite the fact that a lot of people use it and it is touted as a somewhat easy to use powerful business automation platform. They won't rush to fix it because they don't have to. I'm sure there are plenty of devs on the Power Automate team with lots of ideas about how to make it better, and they are probably dying to fix it and implement all kinds of things, but the software development world at huge companies like this is a mess. They may not be getting the support/resources from above that they need to really make this happen, etc. If I ever work anywhere else that requires business automation needs like this, I'll push HARD for them to try to find something else. Something made by a company that has more skin in the game and is more tightly focused on a single product maybe. Cuz Teams/SharePoint/Power Automate feels more and more like a joke to me every day.

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I agree... It feels like Power Automate has a team of 2 people and no one is watching this useless forum.