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organize flows into folders

Looking for a way to organize my flows into different folders. i make flows for different departments in our company and it would make it much easier to work with folders of flows rather than one long list

Status: Under Review

Our recommendation is to use Solutions to organize your flows. We are also looking at if there are additional organizational capabilities that we can add to help you organize your flows.

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? 


You should assume everyone on here asking for these enhancements works for a large global company, and every day they are providing that company with negative feedback about Power Automate flows being incapable of the basics. I would assume that. 

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@Kizzie - yes, that's what I ended up doing too - collecting all the flows relevant to my key sites into a custom list actually on the site, and putting url links to the flow details, flow history and flow design spec all into one place, so I also track change versions and details.  Helps to have a handy link to the Flow Monitor page on the custom list page as well. It saves heaps of time with monitoring and checking, at the expense of a little manual update when something changes.

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I was resisting quite heavily at first, but now I'm using solutions to group flows by business solutions.   The only left I have to master is how to create different versions of solutions to mimic a version history. Managing an SDLC or ALM through solution is not clear to me. I cannot find good documentation or videos yet.

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Winautomation, the product purchased by Microsoft for its power automate desktop already had folders that allowed you to organize your flows.  So basically, Microsoft decided that we didn't need them anymore?  We need folders!  Its obvious!

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09-12-2019 and still under "review"?
This is an option that should have been present from the beginning and two years later it's still under "review"
How hard can it be to implement something that most people want?

Come on Microsoft give us a Christmas present...

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Folders are desperately needed! If Microsoft want this to be a tool that people use over and over again there needs to be a way to organise. Busy folk dont have time to scroll through rows and rows of different flows. its ironic that automation is used to improve efficiency yet this is missing something on such a basic level which in turn reduces efficiency in itself. The sooner this feature is added the better.  

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Desperately need this!  I have many flows dedicated to different clients or work processes and having it all mixed up and move things to the top that I've recently updated makes it near impossible to find the flow I'm looking for when it inevitably needs an update to an email template or some tweak because the client wants something different.  Needs to apply to both "Cloud Flows" and "Shared With Me".

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The basics, under review since 2019. 

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Tagging, folders, hierarchies, anything would be quite helpful in organizing our Flows, the growing list for us is overwhelming, please make this happen