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organize flows into folders

Looking for a way to organize my flows into different folders. i make flows for different departments in our company and it would make it much easier to work with folders of flows rather than one long list

Status: Under Review

Our recommendation is to use Solutions to organize your flows. We are also looking at if there are additional organizational capabilities that we can add to help you organize your flows.

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I think a lot of little things like this will never happen, since MS has let a third party monetize a lot of really great organizational and versioning abilities. I suspect many things that have a solution via a third party will never be integrated into power automate natively, as MS probably gets a kickback, is lobbied not to include by third parties who are profiting or won't spend money developing something already provided by a third party .

For versioning and tagging for organization purposes check out:
Power Studio

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It would be great to have a feature as Nintex Workflow Cloud does - the ability to tag. Metadata is the way, afterall. Let us have multi-tagging capability for flows.

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So there are some great ideas that have <10 votes, this very simple idea has 1500+ and has not been implemented. Safe to say this section of the board is not worth the effort. 

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Solution is a terrible "solution".  Microsoft - you can do better.

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"Bump" a worthwhile idea - would make using Flows a lot more scalable

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Hi Stephen
Is there an update on this request (now nearly 3 years old?)
The simplicity of a Parent/Child folder structure seems to be what is being asked for.
Ironically, the fact that Power Platform is a low code environment yet managing the Apps and Flows is extremely cumbersome!
PS. Solutions is very clunky to use and doesn't really provide what is being asked for.


Regards Gary

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@gazzo1967 Stop asking for folders, its' technically a weak approach.  Tags are more powerful since 1 subflow can be used in multiple business scenarios, thus having multiple tags.   It's like a file used by multiple department being stuck in the wrong department folder since it can only exist in 1 place.  It the file has tags, then it can be tag with multiple departments using it as an example.

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Sorry was wrong wording on my part but a Parent/Child category approach is simpler (Not Folders).
the whole idea of Power Platform is to be simple and allow individuals with basic logic skills to produce solutions for their needs without using or having to know complex coding.
I am simply stating that having a long 'List' of either flows or apps becomes time consuming to manage!
Categorising them would still allow use in multiple ways with tags

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@gazzo1967 look at Power Studio I think the free version lets you do the tagging you are asking for, the paid version gives you a full text search which is great for finding a given flow, since the native search in power automate is so terrible.