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organize flows into folders

Looking for a way to organize my flows into different folders. i make flows for different departments in our company and it would make it much easier to work with folders of flows rather than one long list

Status: Under Review

Our recommendation is to use Solutions to organize your flows. We are also looking at if there are additional organizational capabilities that we can add to help you organize your flows.

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We are also starting to run into issues with the increasing amount of automations, some sort of organization tools are required, be they folders or tags. 

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I'm afraid to say that using folders to categorize items is not an optimal idea.  It would force a flow to physically and only belong to a single folder.  For example, many utility flows could belong to different departments or processes, and such flow would require multiple tags, but if it's moved into a single departmental folder, it would make things difficult to organize properly.

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@testasdfasfsafa The original post doesn't even contain the word "folder". Folders aren't the only way of doing this kind of thing, which is why I think the word was left intentionally vague. ANYTHING would be nice at this point. Tags, column values, anything besides "be sure to include certain keywords in the name".

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Agreed, "solutions" just isn't a pretty way of organising stuff. I'm sure somehow it is useful for "mass deploying" or something but I'm simply wanting to just tag/group up things based on their purpose. Nothing more, I don't want to deploy everything, doesn't need versions or some kind of "publisher" setting added to it which I have no understand of.


Simple tag system please.

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Any update on this Microsoft? I'm at a point where complex flows needs to be segmented, therefore increasing the number of flows I have in the work space. Solutions is tricky to use especially when I cannot import some of the flows I already created outside of it. 


We just need a tagging system or sorting or something. 

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Not being able to organize with files or folder is a major pain point for Flow, this has been something I have said for over a year now! Please consider this!

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DON'T use folders!!  Use tags instead, since a folder limits the flow to belong to one folder... Where many flows can belong to many processes or be a sub-flows.  Tags is a more powerful concept then folders... think sharepoint!

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I work for a large organization and as we are looking to migrate a lot of our custom applications to power apps and utilize flows.  I am starting to see the need for the organization of both flows and apps into containers.  By folder, category, or project would examples of suggested methods of grouping.

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You can use the Solutions as a logical container... not the same value as allowing multiple tags, but better than a folder and definitely better than having no options as we currently.  We don't even have the ability click on a column header to sort!! Terrible... 😞

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