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organize flows into folders

Looking for a way to organize my flows into different folders. i make flows for different departments in our company and it would make it much easier to work with folders of flows rather than one long list

Status: Under Review

Our recommendation is to use Solutions to organize your flows. We are also looking at if there are additional organizational capabilities that we can add to help you organize your flows.

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I don't care if its tags, folders, or post-it notes. How anyone thought launching this product without _any_ organizational tools was a good idea... is beyond me. This is basic UI/UX stuff. Ironic considering the product.

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Can't understand this is not feasible yet 

At minimum sorting by name, but even more : be able to group, able to tag, able to see easily which source are used 


And "solution" is really not a solution : 

  • it need common data service as a Data source,  ( so no Sharepoint for example)
  • even there it's not easy to organize flow
  • It seems to need a sort of approbation ? 
  • I didn't see any public/private setting > is all public  
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Has a solution for this been created yet?

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It's not only the lack of folders. The whole UI is quite a mess. I really can't believe they use the product themselves, otherwise why did they made it like this?

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Yeah, it seems that Microsoft is more concerned with getting more people more cooks in the kitchen than giving existing cooks the tools to keep themselves organized. 

I kind of worked around it by creating a "My Flows" list (in Microsoft Lists) with the appropriate columns and (ironically) building a flow that uses some actions from the Power Automate Management connector to "catalog" my flows in that list. That flow runs each morning, adding any flows created in the past 24 hours and updating any that already exist. This also helps me keep track of which of my flows get turned off (and automatically turn "Mission critical" flows back on).

In that list, I also have columns for "department" (I build a LOT for other departments) and "app" (for those connected to Power Apps). This gives me a way to "tag" and organize them in a useful way.

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Currently there is no ability to organize your flows in an sort of structure.  As the number of flows for a given person increase it makes it very difficult to stay organized.

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Already, Posted on this thread sometime ago. Between now and then I have the shared flows separator which makes even harder to find my flows.


so many votes and no power automate team comment

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Even description can't be extracted from a Flow. So, I can't create a catalog of all my flows and their description. After sometime, you have to open every flow to see what it does. So, we need both organizing them and ability to extract description for Catalog. 

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We need this. Currently creating complex flows is cumbersome without splitting up the "code" into separate flows similar to how you'd split up code into methods/functions. When happens then is you get a lot of flows. Right now I have a complex flow that starts with a Forms submission, and the main flow calls (HTTP) to flow receiving http and responds back. When there's a lot of flows I named them like [prod/test/dev].Feature_MethodName as there is no way at all to organize this... Please give us a way to make complex flows as soon as possible.

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I'm having to prefix my flow names with a dept name/abbreviation to organize my flows. folders would be nice