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pdf watermark


Is there a way I can insert pdf watermark in documents using workflow? The intention is to have custom watermark based on review outcome. Thank you in advance !!

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Hi @NehalShah,


Yes, you can do it. For example, you can use Add watermark action from Plumsail Documents connector.


It supports three types of watermarks. You can find more information in the articles below:

  1. How to use an image type watermark to automatically add a company logo to PDF files and save them in a new folder.
  2. How to use a text type watermark to prevent documents dissemination.
  3. How to use a PDF type watermark to add a watermark with a specific design to PDF documents generated on submitting a form.
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Thanks @anton-khrit 

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Hello, you can use a watermark-adding tool to add watermark to your document, I think you can try Easepaint Watermark Expert, this tool supports to add or remove watermark to videos or images. Hope it can do something for you.