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planner move bucket

would be nice to move a task within a bucket to another bucket when some value within a task is met like a checkbox yes/no. 


this would then allow: 


1) user to enter data into sharepoint - done 

2) start an approval - done

3) to create a task in planner within a bucket - done

4) move task whenever a task is complete to another bucket to kick off some other workflow stuff - not done


stage 4 is vital so that no user needs to update planner, its done automatically using flow.


Status: New
New Member

Also would like to see this functionality. Need to move tasks between buckets on complition and maybe other way around, set progress based on a bucket. 

Frequent Visitor

I would love for this to be implemented. Would be nice to have a full automation workflow for our Dev guys.

Regular Visitor

I need this function too!

New Member

This functionality would really strengthen the use case for Planner and flow integrations. I need to move planner items around based on certain variables and I can't do that automatically. I'd love to move aged items to a special bucket.


Please add an option to update the planner item with a bucket ID!

New Member

Same. I see I can move tasks manually to a new planner, but need to do this automatically.  Any ETA on implementing this into power automate?

Frequent Visitor

This looks to be solved by the "Update a Task (V2) (Preview)" activity