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"Dynamic content" should reliably autocomplete when used in an expression

The IntelliSense in the formula/expression editor is very nice. It makes it easy to create robust formulas in seconds. However, many of the suggestions in Dynamic content disappear when I begin writing an expression, making it very difficult (impossible, even) to create formulas that rely on Dynamic content.


For example, I wanted to refer to a field "Last name" which is part of an "Apply to each" loop:




However, when I begin writing an expression, that auto-complete goes away:




There is also no indication or obvious documentation about how to access that value. This makes it difficult—impossible even—to write a formula that relies on this dynamic content.


I would expect all dynamic content to be available for my expressions, especially when it is usable if you know the magic incantation to get it (items('Apply_to_each')?['Last_x0020_Name']).


Status: New