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"Favorites" or "Frequently used" connectors in the "Choose an action" selector

It would be great to be able to set favorite connectors or see the one I use the most in the top part of the "Choose an action" selector box.


Let say I'm using variables a lot. I need to use the search and type "var" everytime. 



flow choose an action.jpg

Status: New

Posted very similar request here:


Kudo Collector

 Great idea, needs more votes.

Advocate III

Hey Dany,


Absolutely agree this should be added. The only variation I'd add is that maybe a simpler process would be to let the search experience keep it's state when you go to create a new step. That way, if you had searched for the "initialize variable" action already when I create a new step let that search filter be pre-applied and let me exit out of it.


No matter what you call them, just please don't make every single connector and action get reloaded.