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"Flow button for mobile" - Input from text list

I want to select from text list instead of input text in "Flow button for mobile", for using more quick.


My scenario:

  Push a button,

  Push a text from list.



Text list is texts of some parameters,

Just like Good, Collapse, Accident, Help, ...



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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 This is a big benefit for us.  We have calendar events that users can review and when they are interested in participating, a button that copies the data from the list and creates and email  so that the user can add their managers email address for review would be great.

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I see that this functionality was added to the iOS Flow app yesterday (July 13) however it is not yet available on the web version of the Flow editor. I was assured that it is coming though. 

Screen shot of mobile Flow exposing List Options


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Wow @spfrustratesme2


Option list of mobile button can use on Microsoft Flow Android version, too.

I'm waiting official announce, and web version.



Yoshihiro Kawabata