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"Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" node no longer supports HTML formatting.

This is more like a bug since this feature used to work.


I used the "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" node to send notification to Teams which contained html formatting.

However since Tuesday, the html formatting just didn't work.


With Tobin Onuosah's assistance, we were able to use "Post a message (V3)" node instead as a workaround. However that resulted in notifications being posted from my username, and not the Flow bot.

I'd love if you guys can restore this Flow bot node to its former glory.



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Same here.  Microsoft should fix the issue or announce users that HTML markup is no longer supported☹️

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Same here.


Currently, it seems "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" works limited markdown instead of HTML markup.  Teams mobile app cannot display nested lists.


Microsoft should rollback this action because I have to rewrite all flows to fix this issue.


@ikoga Had to do the same. And I totally agree!

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The same problem. 

Microsoft, is that a bug or a feature? 🤔

If the second one, I think no one would like it. 

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Using "Post a message (V3)" as a workaround doesn't resolve the problem for me as I am including a link to a web address and that still comes back with HTML wrappers around it but no actual working link.  I can't switch to doing it using an Adaptive card because I am pulling in data from Azure DevOps Description field which is an HTML box itself and that just brings over all the nasty HTML wrapper info as well.  Microsoft - Please fix this.  I have just spent ages trying to convince people to use this and link it to MS Teams only for this to now happen.

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Yeh we can't use adaptive cards either and this also stopped working for us the other day, major pain in the behind that this just happened.

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@ikoga   I have found the markdown documentation but can't actually get it to display.


In the flow bot node I have **info variable** in place but it doesn't display bold.


Same with URL and everything basically.


I am sure I am missing something but also now having to change about 9 flows to cater for all of this.

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This is affecting us also, what is the reason for the reduction in functionality?

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Hi @stevenls,


Yes, it seems to be markdown support was really limited.
I think you saw this:

My biggest problem is Teams mobile app never supported markdown at all.  In addition, I have to rewrite all the flows in order to fix this issue.

I'm waiting for rollback.


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Post a message as a flow bot has lost all markdown rendering as of 06/10/2020


Any news on this, is it a bug? has support for this changed? what's happening?