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"Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" node no longer supports HTML formatting.

This is more like a bug since this feature used to work.


I used the "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" node to send notification to Teams which contained html formatting.

However since Tuesday, the html formatting just didn't work.


With Tobin Onuosah's assistance, we were able to use "Post a message (V3)" node instead as a workaround. However that resulted in notifications being posted from my username, and not the Flow bot.

I'd love if you guys can restore this Flow bot node to its former glory.



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@WMGDev I did talk with a support person from Flow who told me to post this here.

Pinged him yesterday that a lot of people are experiencing this pain, but haven't heard back though.


Not sure how I can escalate this further 😕

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"Post a message (V3)" works, except that as noted the from user is you, not the bot, AND the html-RTF flipping back and forth corrupts any <a Ref you have for links...


You have to edit it in html, copy all your html to a file, save in html...and it will work, but when you come back later to edit, it will open in RTF, and your <a ref code will be messed you will need your previous html code...

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Same Issue here

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Same issue here.


I'm re-posting the body of the message that triggered the action. It is just broken now as the message is HTML.


We try to automate things to save time and end up loosing a lot of it when it gets broken.

Please bring it back as before.

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This is also a massive problem for us (PepsiCo) as it has broken automated processing and dispatching of service incidents.

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This problem totally disrupting our business.


Please do not disturb working automated flow and roll back it as before.

If you want add new feature, you should add new node rather than change existed node.

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This is disrupting automation that our users were relying on.  Any indication from Microsoft that this will be addressed?  

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Also broken for me. <img src="..."/> links in my flows used to display the image in the teams message, but now it just shows the raw html. All these messages are now hideous and unusable. Please reinstate this functionality and make my messages readable again!

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same problem here (Mars Inc)

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According to this thread, the breaking change was released publicly, but has been rolled back and is being rolled out. If true, we should see the fix sometime this week. Fingers crossed...