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"Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" node no longer supports HTML formatting.

This is more like a bug since this feature used to work.


I used the "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" node to send notification to Teams which contained html formatting.

However since Tuesday, the html formatting just didn't work.


With Tobin Onuosah's assistance, we were able to use "Post a message (V3)" node instead as a workaround. However that resulted in notifications being posted from my username, and not the Flow bot.

I'd love if you guys can restore this Flow bot node to its former glory.



Status: New
Advocate I

This issue has been fixed my tenant! 
I've requested Microsoft support and identified that was a bug.

Thanks for all comments, voters and @NinaP !


I'm ready to close this case.

Advocate II

Still not working for me 😞

Regular Visitor

I was told by the Microsoft support team that the fix was deployed, but not for all locations. It would take a couple of days to kick in

Regular Visitor

Html seems to be working again for me. Thanks all.

Frequent Visitor

I just started using this feature today.

It is not working for me.

Did it break again?