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"Run as" also in HTTP request flows

The run-as feature can only be used with selected item SharePoint flows, button flows and Dynamics 365 flows, but not with HTTP request flows. This is a real limitation:

1.if we want nested flows; indeed a good practice in general is to create resusable workflows and to do so in Microsoft Flow we have to implement HTTP request based flows that should run with the user context: but today if the caller flow is a run as flow starting with the for a selected item action, the sub flows cannot get the context. 

2. we can create (sharepoint) custom action flows (without the for a selected item action) visible in the SharePoint list, but they cannot be shared with lambas users, only with owners. That is annoying.


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So much needed! For example: my user (logged into Office365) can get the following JSON data using their browser accessing the Excel REST API...'Top_100_Daily_!A13%7CF106')?$format=json which returns a perfect, usable set of JSON from the Excel sheet range ({"name":"Top_100_Daily_Album_Downloads_!A13:F106","rows":[[{"v":"Project Number"},{"v":"Artist"},{"v":"Title"},{"v":"Label"},..........F2010"}]]}) However, the HTTP connector, from a workflow the user has assembled, is not able to access the same URL to return the JSON object for parsing. Permission is denied. The HTTP connector should be able to RUN AS any security connection of any owner we choose. We have multiple owners for workflows as they are managed by a team. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!

fully agree!  Now I'm wondering if you cannot use the Graph API to use the Excel Server features


If you can then you can pass an access token as illustrated in my blog post


Serge Luca