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"Send Email with Options" Enhancements

I have been using "Send Email with Options" in MS flow for a while since we have approvers from both internal and external. And I met some problems getting my job done when I found that, for example, sometimes the Gmail spam filter may touch the links in the email( see ). This is a big pain for us. Since this will basically make the flow not reliable and not usable.


Now since Office 365 and G Suite are the top two in the enterprise productivity tools market. Please think about testing and enhancing the performance of MS flow when there are email communications with G Suite mail.


Another suggestion is the customization of the email with options. Now the scope of customization is very limited, for example, we can not customize the size, color of the buttons and the distances between the buttons. This limits the user experience also.


Please support me if you think this is useful.

Status: New