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"Send an Email" Preview

It would be really nice to be able to preview the "send an email" email before sending. I currently use the method of sending the email to myself, but it would save me from running a lot of tests while designing an email to have a preview. The email editor is clunky, and once you start inserting fields it switches to code-view mode and won't switch back. It'd be nice to get a general idea of whether or not my HTML is broken or structured properly while I'm writing it rather than saving and testing every time.

Status: New
New Member

It would be really useful to trigger an e-mail when the specific task within a specific bucket is completed. Up today if i understood the trigger "when a specific task" is completed can be referred only to "Groupid" and "Planid" but it's not possible to refer to the specific bucket and task that i would like to use to trigger the mail when the task is completed.

As is today, if i can refer only to group id and planid, flow send as many e-mail as the number of  tasks within the bucket when the task is completed.