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"Send an HTTP Request via Planner" action block

Microsoft Flow Planner connector currently implements a subset of Planner REST API. But not all: Get more task details, create plans, add/modify categories, delete tasks, add checklist items move a task from one bucket to another,... are available in Planner REST API but not in Flow Planner Connector yet.  So, in such circumstances, we have no option but to use Planner REST API Calls: either by using an HTTP action in Microsoft Flow or by implementing a Custom Connector. But none of these options are straight forward. We need to implement some sort of Authentication and Authorization techniques, or obtain some sort of Authentication and Authorization related data so that the Flow can access Planner seamlessly.


A similar problem arised with Sharepoint, and since May 2018 Flow offers the option to invoke "Send an HTTP Request via Sharepoint" action block, so you just need to know about JSON and Sharepoint REST API, without having to deal with Tenant IDs, Client IDs , Client Secrets, and other Authentication/Authorization stuff.


We are requesting a similar approach for Planner, i.e. a "Send an HTTP Request via Planner" action block.


If this idea is finally implemented, a bunch of Planner related Ideas representing more than 850 votes that are currently under "New" status can be marked as "Completed":

Flow Idea URL Votes(2019-06-24)
Create Planner Task with Checklist from Flow  345
Planner - Get more task details  207
Add the ability to add to a Planner Task's descrip...  63
Flow: Create Plan in Planner  45
Flow delete tasks in planner  45
Planner - List Labels in Plan and tasks in label  43
Planner: get more details from a task in planner (...  34
planner move bucket  25
Additional Planner Task Functionality  23
Planner Action - copy existing Planner task templa...  19
Planner : Move a task from a bucket to another buc...  12



Status: New
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Does Microsoft even review this website anymore?


All the ideas mentioned in this article have existed for years, and are still in the NEW status. I am trying to utilize as many M365 products as possible but seeing Planner triggers getting ignored tells me no one wants to put any additional effort outside of the connector's initial creation.