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"Send email with options": add "Conversation ID" field please

I'm trying to send automatic emails as a response to emails received.

    For example to poll people if I answered their question, or to dispatch emails to the right person while out of office.


For this I succesfully used "Send email with options".

But since there is no "Conversation ID" field, the generated emails appear out of the thread in Outlook, and I suppose in other email clients too.


Not having "Conversation ID" field prevents "Send email with options" from being a big productivity tool...

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 I'm trying to do something similar, but sending the auto-response from a shared inbox. Being able to insert the Conversation ID into the response would be incredibly useful.

Helper I

Please add this feature as it would be very useful to keep conversation threads together.

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it would be very useful to be able to add "Conversation ID " to Email Messages .

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I really need this feature.