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run from here function on Power Automate Desktop



as far as i know, Power Automate Desktop is developed based on WinAutomation.

however, PAD doesn't have it.

Run from here is an essential function when developing.
Without this function, it is very difficult to run the test.
Using the Go To function is not enough.

run from here.png

Status: New
Helper IV

Any solution for this? Being able to run from a specific step?


Hi there! 


Thank you so much for posting your ideas for Power Automate! Your feedback is valuable and drives us forward in improving Power Automate Desktop. 

Regarding your idea/request, it is being implemented and will be available very soon in our future releases. 


Keep up the ideas and don't forget to vote and participate!



Helper IV

I see the "Run from Here" function is on the menu now but I don't see how to initiate it. It's always grayed out. Any way to Enable it?




Advocate IV

@r96359  there is nothing to do. 

i think you attempted to run it on the disabled action.



Helper IV

@jadenkim That's a good comment but Run From Here doesn't seem to work anytime I am trying to select it inside a condition or loop. Same for you?

Advocate IV


Yes, it's same for me. it is same as WinAutomation.

you cannot start process an action that is within a loop or a conditional block.


if you want to run them within a loop, create a new subflow and copy them then test them on a new subflow.




Helper IV

@jadenkim Thanks for confirmation, This varies compared to other tools.