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set MS Teams status message

I'd like to be able to change my MS Teams status from MS Flow

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@Anonymous I agree. I would like Teams status to be automatically updated based on my GPS location. Or whatever subnet my smartphone latches on when I travel to our branch offices. Our employees spend time looking for other employees. Or use our outdated check-in/check-out board (expecting everyone to actually use it to begin with). It would be great if whomever travels to another of our offices is automatically getting their status message in Teams to be updated to show their location. Once they leave that office, Flow would detect the location has changed and just reset their Teams status message. Once they get back to their home office, it would update that status again. 


And if someone doesn't like it for privacy reasons, they just don't use that feature. 

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This action would be a valuable addition to the existing Teams connector actions!


I've just built a Flow which when a Flic button is pressed it updates my Team with my current working location. It would be great if I could amend my Teams Status accordingly.

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Yes please, I want to set an out-of-office message in my status automatically when I have an out-of-office appointment. 

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Is MS team looking into this flow.

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Make this really mean something:

Your status message is showing in chat and channels when people message or @mention

Make a connector so your status message can be changed easily via flows and/or power apps! It would be the greatest connector of them all.

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I would like to change my status based on Outlook calendar meeting status. I have certain important meetings that I mark with a certain Category, and I would like to turn Teams status to "Do not disturb" and change the message to e.g. "Important meeting", and turn the status back to normal (auto-control) at the end of the meeting.

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Many employees in my company have requested an automated way of setting their status in Teams to Do Not Disturb any time they have a calendar event on their Outlook calendar.  I expected to be able to set this up via Power Automate, but there is no option for changing the Teams Status.  This needs to be added.

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Please add this - I'd really like to be able to update my status message based on certain conditions. Simply having your OOO show in Teams when you're OOO is not taking this nearly far enough.

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Another vote for this. I would like to set Teams Status from Outlook events

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Yes, please! I want to create a recurring flow so that at during lunch time every day, I can change the status as Do not disturb.  Anybody has some other idea to get this done without Flow/Power Automate?