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set item level security in SharePoint

A flow should be able to change the permission of an item in a SharePoint List/document library; this is a very popular pattern in Sharepoint workflows


Serge Luca

SharePoint MVP

Status: Completed

Hi all,


The following two actions should now be available:

1. Grant access to an item or a folder

2. Stop sharing an item or folder


Please check out these new actions in the SharePoint connector and let us know if you have any feedback! 







Nice work Serge! Thanks

Advocate I

Nice to see that, great work @sergeluca!

Frequent Visitor

Nice , thanks Serge. But I need this on the user's manager of the user who uploads the file. 
And not only on one person. 
So as a user i have contributor rights to the doc lib, I upload a doc, rights are removed for all, rights are granted to user and to users managers for edting purposes.

once done the user can trigger and approval flow. Once approved the file should be copied to a personal folder in a folder structure where there's a folder for the user. 


Frequent Visitor

Tried PlumSail, Registered, can't add a new key,

their support can only suggest clear cache..... not impressed 

(as i do try different things before contacting support........ )

Shame as it could have been nice. 

Helper V

Hi @Sarnst,


Thank you for your feedback. That is the first thing support usually asks.


Could you share a ticket ID so that I can help you with the configuration? Or drop a message to and mention me (Anton Khritonenkov). Thus, the ticket will be redirected to me.


I'm sure that is easy to solve.

Kudo Collector

@sergeluca  Thankyou for your blog post, you helped me out today!


While it's great that there are third party providers that can provide complimentary actions for specialist/complicated situations, I don't agree that we should have to pay a third party to be able to achieve something so basic that can be achieved in the SharePoint UI, such as setting item level permissions, or creating a document set.


I really hope that just because a third party has provided this sort of functionality, that doesn't stop Microsoft providing us a complete set of SharePoint actions that cover some of the most basic and most needed actions that SharePoint currently provides through the UI.  This action was requested in 2016, and I'm surprised something so elementary is not in the set of out of the box SharePoint actions yet.


I just need to mention that the Flow team is working on a specific action for this (this is officially in the roadmap for october, but in the meantime you can use the "send an http request to SharePoint" action as illustrated in my blog post.

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@sergeluca great thanks for that. We've also been working with Azure AD groups. Still hopefulll it wel get less complicated as simple triggers would be really helpfull on many occasions.

Regular Visitor

I hoped for this at the Ignite. This is the only thing that stops companies from using flow for every use-case. I know that there is a third party solution, but why depend on that? This should be built in.

Advocate II

I use SharePoint a lot to automate busines sprocesses - but because Flow can't* configure permissions, 90% opf the processes I start to design in Flow, I give up on them and create them in SharePoint Designer. I really want to adopt Flow, but as information security is important in my organisation (yes there's some sarcasm there), it just isn't possible yet.



*OK, thereis a workaround (, but it's very technical and isn't suitable for the business user - anything that involces Postman is not suitable for the busines suser.