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set item level security in SharePoint

A flow should be able to change the permission of an item in a SharePoint List/document library; this is a very popular pattern in Sharepoint workflows


Serge Luca

SharePoint MVP

Status: Completed

Hi all,


The following two actions should now be available:

1. Grant access to an item or a folder

2. Stop sharing an item or folder


Please check out these new actions in the SharePoint connector and let us know if you have any feedback! 






Frequent Visitor

Completely argee with @Stander, without the functionality described this is almost useless to us.  

Regular Visitor

What has been provided is only a piece of the puzzle.  We need to be able to remove/replace permissions and do so for Sharepoint groups not just individual users.  We can't switch to Flow until this is available.

Frequent Visitor

Hi @Chakkaradeep  is this going to be reopened? 

Advocate IV

When I attempt to use the new action to stop sharing on a folder, I get a 403 error stating: 

Exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SPConnectorException' was thrown.  I'm seeing other posts about the same issue on the Flow community forums.  Anyone else experiencing this?  
Regular Visitor

@Chakkaradeep Any update on the future of this? It really isn't complete. 

Power Automate

@Stander Our actions only support modern permissions that accrues value across the board with the Sharing scenarios. We do not have any plans to support classic SharePoint groups and permission levels in Flows. 




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@Chakkaradeep your link to sharepoint modern permissions says that SharePoint groups still need to be used for visitor access and also in some other scenarios.....traditional SharePoint groups must be included

 in this functionality or we are stuck with SharePoint designer forever more

Resident Rockstar

just go buy plumsail connectors they are perfect and what microsoft should of implemented

Regular Visitor

Unfortunatley Plumsail data/requests are stored in the EU, which is unacceptable to our situation. 

Not applicable

@Chakkaradeep The actions work with users but not AD groups or SharePoint groups.