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set item level security in SharePoint

A flow should be able to change the permission of an item in a SharePoint List/document library; this is a very popular pattern in Sharepoint workflows


Serge Luca

SharePoint MVP

Status: Completed

Hi all,


The following two actions should now be available:

1. Grant access to an item or a folder

2. Stop sharing an item or folder


Please check out these new actions in the SharePoint connector and let us know if you have any feedback! 






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This would allow for Items to be "Locked / Read-Only" once approved, or closed. This is a very common security model. The alternative is to have two lists. One for entries and edits, then move the item to a list with restricted permissions once approved, or compelted. 


This feature currently exists in Nintex. 


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Nintex Workflow for Office 365 current offers this and we need an action in Flow in order to replace our Nintex workflows.


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Yes we absolutely need the set item permissions feature in Flow.
This should be a standard feature of Flow
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Super User

Would love to see this too. 🙂

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If this was implemented I could move several existing SPD workflows to flow.

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Has anyone heard from Microsoft about this? Do we know if it is being implemented or on the roadmap?

Hi - I attended Ignite and was told multiple times that this feature will be added. None gave me a date.