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set item level security in SharePoint

A flow should be able to change the permission of an item in a SharePoint List/document library; this is a very popular pattern in Sharepoint workflows


Serge Luca

SharePoint MVP

Status: Completed

Hi all,


The following two actions should now be available:

1. Grant access to an item or a folder

2. Stop sharing an item or folder


Please check out these new actions in the SharePoint connector and let us know if you have any feedback! 






Regular Visitor

This would allow for Items to be "Locked / Read-Only" once approved, or closed. This is a very common security model. The alternative is to have two lists. One for entries and edits, then move the item to a list with restricted permissions once approved, or compelted. 


This feature currently exists in Nintex. 


Advocate II

Nintex Workflow for Office 365 current offers this and we need an action in Flow in order to replace our Nintex workflows.


Yes we absolutely need the set item permissions feature in Flow.
This should be a standard feature of Flow
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Would love to see this too. 🙂

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If this was implemented I could move several existing SPD workflows to flow.

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Has anyone heard from Microsoft about this? Do we know if it is being implemented or on the roadmap?

Responsive Resident

Hi - I attended Ignite and was told multiple times that this feature will be added. None gave me a date.